What are Reborn Dolls?

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What are Reborn Dolls, they know not all. But this is caused by the results of these dolls. It’s so much fun because they’re so much like people. What does it get?

Small copies of real children

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This doll looks like a newborn baby. Realistic features of a real child. The structure of its manufacture includes carefully processed. There is no glitter on such dolls. In general, the word “reborn” is translated from English as “born again.” The composition of the material is made from, even added flavor, like the smell of babies. They produce not only healthy babies but even premature babies!It is a fact that it is not necessary to make it. Baby dolls are reunited with their eyes, cry and belch. And imitate the heartbeat! A sort of “perfect” child. No need to wake up Bored – turned off and everything.

Manufacturing technology

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The first Reborn dolls appeared in the 90s of the twentieth century in America. Initially, they were published as figurines for aesthetics and collectibles. But later they became wildly popular with ordinary people. In our country, we learned about reborn, in 2008, and immediately gained interest from our residents.

The cost of such a doll is undoubtedly high, because its production takes at least three weeks. The cheapest can be purchased for the price in the region of 200 – 300 USD, and individual copies can cost more than one hundred thousand! The technology of making such dolls is called “reborning”.

At the first stage, the doll is cleaned of industrial paint and allowed to dry. Next, give the baby a natural skin tone, draw capillaries and veins.

The most difficult stage is working with hair. Each hair must be passed through a reborn doll. Photos depicting such dolls are so realistic that it is not always possible to understand: a real child or a toy is shown on them.

Who buys these dolls?

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Initially, artificial babies were made for beauty. But later there were those who began to acquire them with completely different goals. Many elderly, single women who have long grown their own children, as well as those who do not have the opportunity to become pregnant, began to look closely at such realistic babies. Some saw in them the opportunity to re-remember motherhood, they buy clothes, roll them in a wheelchair, shake hands. Psychologists say that no plastic doll can replace a real child. If a woman begins to treat the doll as a real child, this may indicate some mental problems.


If you’re online, you’re able to find out how to reunite, his “skills”, “walking behavior”, etc. And this may seem strange. Of course, it is necessary to distinguish a real baby from a toy. This is just a doll. Yes, realistic. But she is still. Can not really breathe, smile, grow. And never replace a real child.

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