Reborn dolls – harm or benefit?


Reborn dolls – harm or benefit?

Reborn dolls - harm or benefit?In this article, I would like to state my thoughts on Reborn dolls, since this topic seems to be interesting and relevant.

From the beginning, I will provide brief information from the Internet. Doll Reborn (from the English. Reborn – received a new life, reborn) is a doll created on the basis of the factory doll baby (less often a more adult child), the appearance of which as much as possible resembles a living baby. The process of creating dolls is called reborning, and doll artists are called reborners. Weigh and look Reborn as real babies. In their creation, they use natural hair or Maher, glass eyes, a special composition of vinyl and paint, as well as various fillers (weighting agents) for the body. Modern Reborn Dolls can contain “animating” mechanisms, with the help of which quite realistic “heartbeat”, “breath” and even speech are created!

Reborn manufacturing craft appeared in the United States in the late 80s and early 90s of the 20th century. The Internet has allowed doll artists and collectors to create their own online community. In 2002, the first “reborn” doll was exhibited on Cheapreborndoll Store. This expanded the Reborn market, allowing artists to open online stores, the so-called “children’s”. In the “children’s” Reborns do not buy, but, as it were, are adopted, and almost never resell. The media contributed to the development of trends in other countries and continents – Britain, Australia, Canada, Europe, Africa and Latin America. In connection with this, magazines, books and organizations devoted to the Reborn doll began to appear. In Russia, this hobby has intensified since 2008.
Ribs can be made at home. For, this you need a playing vinyl baby doll, or a special set to create Reborn. The paint is removed from the factory doll and it signs again. The blanks from the sculptor (mold) are not painted, and already have their physical features – folds, legs, etc. Body painting is done in several layers, and the painted parts of the body are baked in a convection oven.

Reborn dolls - harm or benefit?

The sets of body parts of the future Reborn are affectionately called by some master-artists “the sets of Frankenstein”, and the finished dolls are called “doll-like dolls”. Handles, legs, and head Reborn in the package resemble the “dismemberment” of Dexter Morgan from the same television series the United States. Usually, all the “flaws” of the baby’s skin — rashes, scratches, as well as soops and saliva — are used by the creators in the form of murals to impart more realism. Some craftsmen create their own dolls using a photograph of a real child to reproduce its appearance.

The image of the Reborn doll, which almost completely coincides with the image of a real and individual baby, is capable of evoking in its owner the emotions and feelings that he could have for a living child. I have repeatedly watched videos on the Internet in which Reborn’s happy “parents” corrected their babies with their heads thrown back with caution and care. Moreover, such “parents” buy them real strollers and children’s clothes, sow with them and lull them like real babies! All this reminds me of the state of false pregnancy in bitches when they take toys, lick them and try to feed them, as if they are dealing with puppies! I’m interested in the fact that in the box with the finished doll Reborn there is always evidence of his birth, which indicates his date of birth, height and weight, as if it’s not a doll, but a living child.

Reborn dolls - harm or benefit? Reborn dolls - harm or benefit?

As a rule, Reborn is expensive, its cost varies from 5 thousand to many tens of thousands of rubles. Therefore, Reborn is not often bought as a gift for young children. Most often they are acquired: either by collectors; either single women without children; or who have lost a child and want to find a replacement; or women who have raised children and dreaming to re-babysit.

Reborn dolls - harm or benefit? Reborn dolls - harm or benefit?

What is the danger of Reborn dolls? At first glance, they are sweet and innocent, and are not able to bring mental harm to their owners. But this is only at first glance.

Recall our old homemade dolls made from rags, straw, fur, or laces. The beauty of these dolls is that in their appearance there is only a hint of individuality, that is, these are dolls-images or dolls-archetypes – mother, girl, woman-yaga, brownie, horse, etc. Such dolls are weakly personified, and they enable the child to develop his imagination while playing with them, to complement their figures to him with the most significant details. When playing with Reborn, a child can hardly change anything in his appearance (add or subtract). The maximum that he can do is to take off or put clothes on Reborna, as well as take a walk with him or feed him. That is, the child from the acting creator in the game becomes … the attendants! Seeing a hyper-realistic Reborn in front of him, the child may not perceive him as a doll, and as almost equal to himself (brother or sister), but only dead. And therefore, a child may form a detached or suspicious attitude towards Reborn. And if you also take into account that Mom bought Reborna for herself, then the child will most likely not be allowed to play with him. A child may be punished for damaging such an expensive toy, which may cause him to jealous of Reborn or hate his parents.

There are models of sleeping Reborn (so-called “splushki”), premature and damaged (sick). Needless to say, their influence on the psyche of the owners, especially children, is unpredictable. In their subconscious mind, attitudes toward Reborn Baby Dolls can be formed: “forever premature,” “never recover,” “forever sick,” “never wake up,” which are essentially Thanatos by Freud, in contrast to Eros.

With the emergence of popularity Rebornov and resonant programs in Russia and abroad, such as “Male-Female” with Yulia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon and acutely social talk show “Says Ukraine” with Alexey Sukhanov “Vinyl Children”. It is interesting that the audience, as opposed to Rebornov, expressed her opinion in purely emotional terms, almost without explaining it from the point of view of reason and logic. The fact is that in science the phenomenon of the “sinister valley” or the effect of the sinister valley is described. The essence of the hypothesis is that a robot or other object, which looks or acts almost like a human, causes hostility or disgust in human observers. In 1978, Japanese scientist Masahiro Mori conducted a survey exploring the emotional reaction of people to the appearance of robots. At first, the results were predictable – the more a robot looks like a human the prettier he seems – but only to a certain limit. The most humanoid robots in the future suddenly turned out to be unpleasant. This decline in the graph of “sympathy” and was called the “sinister valley.” The reason may be that at a certain level of similarity between a robot and a person, the robot ceases to be perceived as a machine, and begins to seem an abnormal person or a lively corpse, a cadaver. It is this effect that all those people feel who are disgusted with Reborn. and begins to seem an abnormal person or a lively corpse, a cadaver. It is this effect that all those people who are disgusted with Reborn feel. and begins to seem an abnormal person or a lively corpse, a cadaver. It is this effect that all those people feel who are disgusted with Reborn.

According to the esoteric literature and the opinion of psychics, Reborn may well become a haven of restless soul or demonic energy. Such a doll can have a negative mental impact on the surrounding space, up to the occurrence of a poltergeist. Hyper-realistic Reborn Doll can overexcite the psyche of an impressionable child, which can lead to the development of phobic, anxiety disorder and sleep disorders. I met on the Internet the statement of the user: “the body minus the soul is equal to the corpse.”

In fact, the “moms” of vinyl “children” put their emotions and feelings into pieces of plastic, which is a transfer of maternal instinct to inanimate objects, and can lead to mental or hormonal dependence. The position of limited and infantile parenthood in relation to the Reborn is very convenient, since an inanimate child can always be thrown into a dusty corner if he is bored. In itself, collecting is, according to Eastern tradition, the departure to Maya and the multiplication of illusion leading to nowhere. It is not by chance that many collectors have features of pedantry and suspiciousness in character, insensitivity to others, self-centeredness and fantasy thinking, divorced from reality. Therefore, before you buy an expensive and fashionable doll Reborn, consult with relatives and friends, read the comprehensive information on the Internet, go for a consultation with a psychologist or psychotherapist, in general, weigh all the pros and cons. Reckless buying Reborna can bring discord in your life and harm your mental health.

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