Reborn Doll Care Instructions

Reborn Doll Care Instructions

Reborn Doll Care Instructions

Reborn Doll Care Instructions

Due to its uniqueness and unique realism, the Reborn doll was rightly called a collection toy and, like any collection thing, this designer doll requires special care and careful handling, which will allow this valuable thing to retain its irresistible brilliance and charm for a long time. Surely, many who have purchased or intend to purchase a reborn doll are interested in the storage and care of such a doll.


The doll requires careful handling in order to avoid its damage. There are some rules that you should follow:
1) To avoid changing the color of your doll’s paint, it is recommended to keep it in a place protected from direct sunlight.
2) Do not keep the doll near heat sources (for example, near the battery) and in a damp room. From the dry and hot air lashes or a wig may come off over time.
3) Do not store the doll next to color bags, newspapers, magazines, or in a color box to avoid foreign paint on the doll’s limbs. If you bought new bright things for a doll, it is better to wash them beforehand.

Dressing up

Change clothes doll as if you are changing it to a child. Not because it is alive, but in order not to damage the joints of the arms and legs of the doll with the body.

When carrying the doll it is held by the body, like a real child. Also, you can not take Reborn for the hand or the leg, you can not strongly pull on the limbs when dressing, because they can come off. Reborn’s head is turned, holding behind the ears or behind the neck.

Try to get loose clothes for your doll, because when you pull the limbs through narrow clothes, you can accidentally tear them off or damage them at the points of connection with the body, as well as damage (peel off, bend) the eyelashes, if you often change clothes over your head.

To avoid tangling the hairs of Reborn doll when dressing clothes over the head, it is recommended to wear a hat or a hair net that comes with the doll.

When removing clothes over the head of a doll with a wig, be sure to hold the wig on the head of the doll. Try to remove clothes through your head, stretching a little neck so as not to remove the wig from the doll along with the neck.

Hair care

If you want to make a doll a new hairstyle, the best way to put a mohair is to moisten it with water from a spray bottle. A good mohair does not need any styling products, just plain water. Combing and styling is best when the doll’s head is wet, for this, use a brush for small children.

Brush your hair gently, without tugging, along the line of “hair growth”. Hold the curl at the base of the head, if the hair is tangled strongly enough.

For hair styling does not require any additional funds, sprays, etc., enough simple water. Sprinkle your baby’s hair from a spray bottle or moisten a brush that will be used to brush your baby with room temperature water and begin styling Scrub through the hairline, in neat movements.

As for shampooing your doll, this procedure is not mandatory, and I do not recommend washing your head without special prerequisites. Hair dolls do not need to be washed if you have purchased a new doll and keep it clean.

But, if it so happens that the hair of your baby needs to be washed, use baby shampoo and be extremely careful – avoid getting the shampoo in the eyes and face of the doll and getting the body wet. Preliminarily remove clothing from the doll, take the doll in your arms, face towards yourself, supporting it under the back, and bring your head under a stream of warm water. After wetting your hair with water, apply shampoo in gentle movements (try to avoid contact of the shampoo with the vinyl part – with your head, apply only to the hair) then rinse with warm water. After washing, let the water drain for a few seconds, wrap your head in a towel and gently blot your hair. Try not to let water fall on the face and other parts of the doll’s body. After blotting your hair with a towel, comb them, giving your hair the desired shape. Try

Cleaning & Washing Reborn Dolls

If for any reason your reborn doll has become dusty, use a soft, clean brush or brush to clean it, with which you can remove dust from your eyes without damaging the cilia, ears, between the fingers and toes and folds.

If the doll is very dirty, do not wipe it with wet wipes (even for children), as you can damage the color of the doll if chemicals contained in the products react with the materials from which the doll is created. Moisten a tissue with plain water and wipe the soiled area. Try not to use any tools and wipes containing chemicals (they can react with the chemicals used to create the doll) to clean the Reborn, simple water is the safest means for the doll. If simple water did not help, use a mild soap in very small quantities.

If your doll has a dirty body, use a cloth moistened with water to try to remove the stain. If water does not help, use a mild detergent in a small amount. Then wipe this place with a clean cloth moistened with water. Whatever the body of Reborn, you can not bathe the doll, as the inner packing of the doll may suffer.


To get high-quality and realistic photos of your baby, take Reborn in daylight, opposite the source of natural light (window), in order to avoid yellowness in the photo, try to prevent the sun from getting into the lens.
Using the flash is not recommended, because it often distorts the natural colors of your doll. When photographing, you probably want to give your baby a variety of realistic poses, this must be done carefully. Do not forcefully push and try to rotate the parts of the doll’s body in the direction you want, if they are hard, support the connection of the body area on the one hand, while moving in the other direction. To turn the head, you need to take it behind the ears and turn it carefully, or supporting it at the base of the neck with one hand, turn your head in the other direction.
You should also not forget that the eyelashes and eyes of this designer doll are fixed with special glue, but this does not mean that you should not carefully and closely follow these parts when making any manipulations with the doll.

If you follow these simple recommendations, your doll will delight you for many years.

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