In order to help the girls to be creative, we have given them the Reborn Dolls Kits that they can create for themselves.  In addition, they are used to replace old or broken parts on old dolls. What are you waiting for, buy yourself a set of products right away and create the most beautiful dolls for your liking? – The best sales in the world.

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47cm Reborn Doll Kit DIY Lifelike Soft Silicone Vinyl Real GentleTouch Unpainted Doll Part Unfinished Relieve Pressure Art Works


Awake Reborn Doll Kits Wholesale Unpainted Blank Doll Full Vinyl Body

$133.99 $92.99

Cheap Reborn Doll Kits with Silicone Vinyl real gentle touch

$72.99 $66.99

Cheap Reborn Dolls Kits for 22 Inches Reborn Dolls hotsell

$94.99 $68.99

Cheap Reborn Dolls Kits for 28 Inches Toddler Reborn Dolls hotsell

$105.99 $83.99

Cheapest Reborn Doll Kit to Make 28 Inches Silicone Vinyl Real Doll

$107.99 $93.99

DIY Blank Kit to Make 22 Inches Reborn Doll Opened Eyes Hotsale


DIY Parts for 20 Inches Reborn Doll Silicone Vinyl 3/4 Head Arms and Legs


DIY Parts for 22 Inches Reborn Doll Soft Vinyl 3/4 Limbs Girl


DIY Reborn Dolls Kits for 22 inches Soft Vinyl Reborn Baby Dolls


DIY Reborn Toddler Girl Dolls 22 inch for Sale

$135.99 $90.99

Good Quality Kits Silicone Vinyl To Make 22 Inches Reborn Baby Doll